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5 Secrets to Figuring Out What to Major In

College is a time to explore and transition into adulthood. It is also a time to choose a career. Because students have so many options and decisions to make, the college years can also be very stressful. However, if you keep a level head and use your resources, you can make the right decisions for your future. This article offers tips and advice on choosing a college major.

Consult with Your Academic Advisor

One of the most important people you will meet with while at college is your academic advisor. They will help you figure out how to plan your schedule to graduate in the shortest amount of time, and they can also figure out what you want to study. Before you meet with your advisor, make sure you do your research. They can’t help you as much if you don’t know where you want to start. Browse the online listing of majors first and look into the ones that look interesting to you. Ask your advisor to explain the objectives and requirements for each course. Your advisor can also help you figure out how to fulfill any pre-requirements for applying to the majors you are interested in.

Visit Campus Career Services

Most colleges and universities have a career services department. This department helps students search job listings and write resumes. If you think you might be interested in a career field, visit campus services and speak to a representative about jobs in that field. Does the job market look stable enough for you to pursue the career you were considering? If not, consider another career option.

Check Job Forecast

In addition to visiting campus career services, it is also a good idea to use the internet to conduct research. Look up the educational requirements and average annual salaries of the careers you are considering. You can also look up the projected growth for a specific career path. A positive growth trend is a good thing, but if your intended career path has a negative growth outlook, you may want to reconsider your field of study. Depending on your major, you may have a variety of careers to consider. Some majors, like business management, prepare you for a variety of jobs in a variety of fields, giving you a lot of flexibility in your job forecast.

Choose with Your Interests in Mind

Some people choose a career based on job security and pay rate. However, if you are not interested in your work, then you will probably not enjoy it, regardless of pay. While you need to consider money and job security, these should not be the only deciding factors. Your career path does not necessarily have to be the thing you are most passionate about, since that may not provide a viable career path, but it is easier to be invested in something if you truly enjoy what you are doing.

Don’t Make a Hasty Decision

You want to feel you are studying with a purpose. You want to know that when you graduate, you will have set yourself up for a bright future. However, if you begin inquiring about different careers and majors at the start of your first year, then you will have plenty of time to consider multiple majors. Do not make a hasty decision. Take a class or two in your prospective major to see how you like studying in that field. If you do not enjoy it, move on to the next option.

Begin your first year of college with the goal of finding a major. Go to the college’s website and look at each potential major before enrolling. Call the campus to speak to people in various departments about your concerns. While choosing a major can be stressful, you can eliminate stress by preparing yourself early.

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