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Are Your Social Media Profiles Costing You Scholarships?

You see that funny video and decide to share it with your friends on Facebook or post your pictures from your party on Instagram almost without thinking about it, but that could cost you a scholarship.

Do scholarship judges care about what you post on social media?

The short answer is absolutely. However, you won’t have a way of knowing who will look you up on social media before you turn in your scholarship application package, so it is best to be proactive and be careful of what you post on social media. First, you must understand what scholarship judges are reviewing your scholarship application to determine if you are a great fit for the scholarship based on eligibility requirements. The scholarship eligibility requirements may include items such as “students must display desire to impact community” or “students must show how they are a good role model”. Your social media profiles are an extension of you. Even if you are sharing someone else’s video, meme, or picture, you are saying that you are in support of the content that you share across your social media profiles. For scholarship opportunities that don’t require scholarship interviews, scholarship judges may view your social media profiles to try to get a better understanding of who you are and if you are truly the best applicant to win the scholarship. You don’t want to give scholarship judges a reason to eliminate you based on a decision to post questionable social media content on your social media profile.

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What is questionable social media content?

I define questionable social media content as content that is vulgar, emphasizes sexual acts, emphasizes illegal drug use, violent, and anything else that would horrify your grandmother or grandfather. Whether you post personal social media content that is questionable or share such content from a friend, this has a negative impact on your personal brand. Many organizations that provide scholarships will ask applicants to follow them on social media as a requirement. So, there is a pretty good chance that they will look you up on social media. Again, you don’t want to give the scholarship judges a reason to eliminate your scholarship application.

Final Thoughts

Yes, your social media accounts say a lot about you. You want to present yourself in the best way possible to scholarship judges which includes content that you post or share on social media. I encourage you to do a social media audit of your social media accounts to make sure that you aren’t missing out on potential scholarships due to questionable content.

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About the author

Ashley Hill is a Scholarship Search Strategist who is passionate about teaching stressed and overwhelmed corporate moms how to pay less for their college bound child’s college education so that they can help their children to get into their best-fit college with ease. She is the author of The Ultimate Guide for Finding and Winning More Money for College Now and The Ultimate Guide for Finding and Winning More Money for College Now: Nursing Edition.

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