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How High Schoolers Can Prepare for College on Their Own Time

Preparing for college can be an exciting and overwhelming time. High schoolers are often very busy balancing school, work, friends, and extracurricular activities. Luckily, there are many things any student can do to feel ready for college without losing any free time. Participate in Activities Colleges like to see students who are well-rounded and unique, […]

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What Kinds of Prep Classes Do You Need Before College?

Whether students stay close to home or travel out of state, the college experience is a whole new world. Taking college prep classes before diving into the real thing is one way to enjoy increased academic success and better social adjustment. You’re probably doing all you can to feel prepared for living on your own, […]

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5 Reasons Why Homeschoolers Thrive In College

Negative myths about homeschooling continue to exist, and the real benefits often get ignored. Misconceptions like the idea that homeschooled kids are socially awkward or only come from wealthy, highly religious families often dilute the fact that homeschoolers tend to score in the 84-89th percentile on tests, while public students score around the 50th percentile. […]

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Ready Your Child for the World of Academia

Parents, learn how to help your child excel in the classroom with tips from this guest post. Every parent worried about how their children are being taught. Likewise, every student is different and feels a different level of comfort around others. In order for students to feel safe and reach their maximum potential in the classroom, they […]

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5 Tips For Making Learning In College A Breeze

Get great tips in this guest blog post to help you learn how to excel in your college classes! Whether you are a full-time student living on campus or taking classes while you are working, it’s important to manage your time appropriately. Students need to find a healthy balance between their academic and personal responsibilities. Consider these […]

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College Prep Tips for Christian Students

If you need college prep tips for christian students, you are in the right place! Today’s guest writer, Toiia L. Rukuni, is going to share the importance of “having the support of Godly parents and encouraging pastors with the combined efforts of a supportive and loving church family” [that] “will help to build a strong platform […]

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Why Every Teen Needs to Attend College Fairs With Tips from Sallie Mae

Disclosure: Please note that College Prep Ready was compensated by Sallie Mae for the content in this post.

One of the greatest ways to get your child exposed to the college environment and support your child’s journey in the college application process is to attend college fairs!

College fairs are a great way for students to learn about  different college programs, the college application process, the actual cost of college, and available funding to pay for college tuition. Additionally, being in the college fair environment can prove to be motivational for your child and can serve as an inspiration to build a strong college application to get into the best fit college. (more…)

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The Best Tool to Help Your Child Take The First Step in College Planning


Whether we are talking about college prep or life, the first step is usually the hardest step in any journey. You nor your child don’t have any time to waste and this tool will help your child to save time when preparing for college. If you want to learn more about the best tool to help your child take the first step in college planning while saving time and reducing stress, keep reading!

Learning the Main Key to Helping Your Child Take the First Step in College Planning Will Help You and Your Child Save Time, Reduce Stress, and Lower Tuition Costs! (more…)

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The First REAL Step of the College Prep Process for Your Teen

Do you know the first REAL step of the college prep process for your teen?

If you guessed research colleges or explore careers or college majors, those are parts of the college planning journey after the first step of college prep. If you want to learn the REAL first step in college planning and how this will help you to help your child get into the best-fit college, keep reading!

  Taking the right step will help your teen get into the best-fit college!

When it comes to your child’s college education, you want your child to get into the best college for him or her with access to a world of possibilities. How do I know? You are still reading this article which will teach you how to help your college-bound teen establish the right foundation for successful college admissions. The major benefit is that your teen taking the right action can lower college tuition costs which help you keep more money in your bank account. The first step in college planning is critical to your child’s success in getting into college as well as financing your child’s college education.

These 2 Simple Steps Will Help Your Teen Take the Right First Step


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10 Strategies to Raise Your Teen’s ACT Scores!

Learn 10 strategies to raise ACT scores. Preparing for the ACT is equally as challenging as taking the ACT. Support your child and encourage them to use the following strategies to score higher on the ACT. 1. Don’t study for material you have already mastered! 2. Take notes during the reading section of the ACT. 3. Eliminate […]

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