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Applying To Grad School? How To Do Your Best On Your Applications

Making the decision to apply to graduate school takes a lot of thought and commitment. Grad school can be a time of great personal and professional development. But in order to reap all the benefits grad school has to offer, you’ve got to get accepted first. Here are a few tips for making your applications […]

About Ashley Hill

Ashley Hill is a Scholarship Search Strategist who is passionate about teaching overwhelmed students (K-12, homeschool, adult, international, undergraduate, and graduate students) how to use their talents and achievements to increase their chances of winning scholarships.

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Education for the Future: Where Can a Masters Degree Put You Ahead?

Check out this guest blog post to learn how a masters degree can put you ahead in your career. One of the primary messages students receive while attaining a degree is the more education you attain, the more job opportunities you’ll have. However, many come to realize that attaining an advanced degree such as a master’s does […]

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The Five Best Masters Degrees for Millennials

Many employers are now looking for employees with masters degrees. Check out some of the top graduate programs in this guest post. In our turbulent economy, and with the high cost of college, you may be wondering which professions offer the best opportunities for those with a master’s degree. Here are five suggestions for in demand professions […]

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