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Options in Higher Education: Comparing 5 Different Types of Colleges

  Community college. Online degrees. Technical school. Which should you choose? The answer to that is both simple and complex, but for the sake of your career, it’s imperative that you find the right fit for you. Different types of college programs teach you different skills. The best way to know if you’ll learn what […]

About Ashley Hill

Ashley Hill is a Scholarship Search Strategist who is passionate about teaching overwhelmed students (K-12, homeschool, adult, international, undergraduate, and graduate students) how to use their talents and achievements to increase their chances of winning scholarships.

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7 Reasons Why Studying in College is Important

Education is the fundamental necessity of life. To get higher and quality education is the basic right of every human being on this planet. But achievement of higher education is not possible without studying in college. College is actually a hub of knowledge where most talented and professional lecturers are ready to give you the […]

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Book Review: Say This, NOT That to Your Professor

Say This, NOT That to Your Professor is ideal for college bound students and families. This book is so important for future college students to read because proper communication skills are necessary for a successful college career and throughout life. Communication skills are vital in college because there will be instances when students need to inform their […]

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