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So You Want to Be a Lawyer? Here’s How To Get Through Law School Without Spending a Fortune

Law school can be a daunting prospect, especially for an ambitious student of limited means. While it is true the employment prospects for someone with a law degree are considerably enhanced compared to someone without a graduate education, the cost of getting from here to there can be prohibitive, even in the best of circumstances. […]

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Scholarship Analyzer Series: Coca-Cola Scholars Program

I created the Scholarship Analyzer series featuring top scholarship opportunities to show you exactly what you should be looking for in scholarship opportunities to ensure that you are only focusing on scholarships that fit you! If you miss the following items, you could dismiss a scholarship opportunity and leave thousands of dollars on the table. […]

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Adult Student Scholarships

Yes, Adult Student scholarships do exist! Yes, there are adult student scholarships with your name on it! I want to congratulate you on making the great decision to further your education to help you in your current or new career! I am sure you’re wondering how you will pay for your college degree. If you […]

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How International Students Can Find More Scholarships in Less Time

The truth is that you need to actively search for college scholarships unless you have been offered a scholarship to cover all of your tuition and fees. The other truth is that there are so many sources of information, website, apps, and books promising to be the one-stop shop for scholarship opportunities. Discover what it really takes […]

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Are Your Social Media Profiles Costing You Scholarships?

You see that funny video and decide to share it with your friends on Facebook or post your pictures from your party on Instagram almost without thinking about it, but that could cost you a scholarship. Do scholarship judges care about what you post on social media? The short answer is absolutely. However, you won’t […]

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Are You Making This Mistake When Searching for Local Scholarships Online?

Whether you are looking for scholarships to pay for your undergraduate or graduate degree, there is no secret that there are tons (and literally tons) of scholarships available to you online. A basic search for “scholarship” in your favorite search engine will bring back enough results to keep you searching forever. The problem with that is you don’t have time to waste chasing scholarship opportunities that may or may not fit you. Additionally, it’s frustrating when you think you have found the perfect scholarship for you to only discover that you don’t qualify for that scholarship. Is there a way to resolve this problem? Absolutely! Keep reading. (more…)

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