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4 Things You Should Be Doing to Boost Your Scholarship Application

With the cost of college constantly on the rise, seeking out a scholarship is a no-brainer for the qualified candidate. But with the application pool ever growing and the competition always intensifying, how can you set yourself apart? Here are four ways to get ahead in the race for college scholarships and grants. Diversify Your […]

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Pros and Cons of Going Back to School During Retirement

Pros and Cons of Going Back to School During Retirement

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Whether this is true or not can be debated, but it definitely doesn’t extend to people. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to learn something new — and in fact, learning something new helps preserve mental health. If you’ve fostered a […]

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How America Pays for College 2016

Sallie Mae and Ipsos are proud to present How America Pays for College 2016, an annual study of students and parents — and how they’re paying for college. Here’s a few insights from Temeka Easter, Senior Director of Social Media at Sallie Mae. Please note that College Prep Ready was compensated by Sallie Mae for the […]

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Get Motivated to Find and Win Scholarships with Naphtali Bryant

There is no question that searching and applying for scholarships can be challenging at times. However, you can’t give up! Read Naphtali Bryant’s story and be inspired to go out there and win those scholarship dollars! My parents divorced when I was 16. My brother and I felt lost. We lived a very happy life up until […]

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College Signing Day: How Will You Pay for College?

Congratulations to all of the students who made the great decision to further develop themselves by going to college on College Signing Day 2016! I am glad that there is so much attention on the topic of attending college with the Reach Higher and Better Make Room initiatives led by Michelle Obama. This day wouldn’t […]

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Enter to win $1,000 in the Plan for College Sweepstakes

Please note that College Prep Ready was compensated by Sallie Mae for the content in this post. Scholarships: Free Money for College Enter to win $1,000 in the Plan for College Sweepstakes According to How America Pays for College 2015, the national study by Sallie Mae® and Ipsos, 17% of college costs were covered by […]

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The First REAL Step of the College Prep Process for Your Teen

Do you know the first REAL step of the college prep process for your teen?

If you guessed research colleges or explore careers or college majors, those are parts of the college planning journey after the first step of college prep. If you want to learn the REAL first step in college planning and how this will help you to help your child get into the best-fit college, keep reading!

  Taking the right step will help your teen get into the best-fit college!

When it comes to your child’s college education, you want your child to get into the best college for him or her with access to a world of possibilities. How do I know? You are still reading this article which will teach you how to help your college-bound teen establish the right foundation for successful college admissions. The major benefit is that your teen taking the right action can lower college tuition costs which help you keep more money in your bank account. The first step in college planning is critical to your child’s success in getting into college as well as financing your child’s college education.

These 2 Simple Steps Will Help Your Teen Take the Right First Step


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The Number One Tip to Help You Find More College Scholarships Today

One of the major reasons that your child may find it difficult to find more college scholarships is because he or she isn’t organized in the scholarship searching process. It all begins with a scholarship profile! Once your child gets organized with the searching process, he or she will know where to go and save time!

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Watch the video below and then leave me a comment stating if your child’s scholarship profile is ready. (more…)

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College Success Spotlight: Monica Matthews

One of the most important aspects of preparing for college is financing college. Parents, I am sure that there is no surprise for you that the costs of college tuition and related costs are rising everyday (it seems like!). The other side of that issue is that many college graduates are leaving college drowning in […]

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College Scholarship Searching Strategies for the Holidays

Holiday breaks are just around the corner and students everywhere are looking forward to sleeping in, relaxing, and doing pretty much a lot of nothing.  Who can blame them?  As much as students deserve a break, however, using this break time wisely will be a much smarter choice in the long run.  As high school […]

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