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Scholarship Resources for Students and Families

Welcome to the Scholarship Resources for Students and Families section!

I am passionate about helping you to use your talents, skills, and achievements to win more scholarships! Lowering the costs of college doesn’t have to be overwhelming, frustrating, and stressful. The awesome news is that these scholarship resources are designed for students in elementary school to current college students.

Let’s get started!

Brief Introduction to the World of Scholarships

I strongly believe that there are scholarships that fit you. With so much scholarship information online and offline, it can definitely be frustrating to sift through all of that information. Plus, some of the scholarship guidance out there is fluff or information that won’t help you get closer to your goal of lowering the costs of college by winning scholarships. So, you have the tasks of sifting through scholarships that fit you and the right scholarships guidance that will help you increase your chances of winning scholarships.

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I can promise you that your scholarship search and application process will be much easier when you have a personalized system in place so you are only focusing on scholarships that fit you. There are actually 6 steps to this system to help you increase your chances of winning scholarships.

6 Steps to Finding More Scholarships in Less Time!

I want you to visit this page often as I will add tips for how to complete each step above.

For now, I want you to get started focusing only on the scholarships that fit you. I have found with students that a huge source of frustration is only finding scholarships that fit other students. If you feel this way, I have good news for you! There is a way that you can find scholarships that fit you specifically.

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About Ashley Hill

Ashley Hill is a Scholarship Search Strategist who is passionate about teaching overwhelmed students (K-12, homeschool, adult, international, undergraduate, and graduate students) how to use their talents and achievements to increase their chances of winning scholarships.