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Scholarships for Adult Students

Welcome to the Scholarship for Adult Students area!

If you are looking for scholarship for adult students, please refer to this page weekly as new resources, tips, and strategies will be added to help you complete your goal of lowering the costs of your college education by winning scholarships.

Do you desire to change careers and return to college but want to lower the costs of college with scholarships?

Do you need a certification course from a college to get your next raise but don’t want to take out loans to pay for the college course?

Are you frustrated with looking for scholarships on your own and are running out of time?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, I have good news for you! There are scholarship opportunities for you. The key is to understand the scholarship search and application process. As I am sure you know from searching for scholarships, there is so much scholarship  information online and offline that it can be overwhelming just looking at all of it.

General vs. Specific Scholarships

The best way to overcome those feeling of overwhelm that you may be experiencing when searching for scholarships is to focus on scholarships that fit you. When you focus on specific scholarships, your chances of winning those scholarship dollars increase because you meet the eligibility requirements. Here’s an insider insight for you – the eligibility requirements for scholarships is designed to weed out the general population of students to a specific pool of students. These specific scholarships may have smaller scholarship award amounts, but your chances of winning them increase because every student isn’t eligible to apply for them.

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Scholarship Tips for Adult Students starting college soon

If you will be starting college soon, I have a list of tips for you to search for scholarships like a pro in less than hour. Although these tips will work for you at any point that you’re applying for college, I strongly recommend for you to follow these tips if you will be starting college in less than 3 months.

Lastly, I have a free training to help you find scholarships that fit you. Plus, I share ways that you can increase your chances of winning scholarship dollars.

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About Ashley Hill

Ashley Hill is a Scholarship Search Strategist who is passionate about teaching stressed and overwhelmed corporate moms how to pay less for their college bound child’s college education so that they can help their children to get into their best-fit college with ease. She is the author of The Ultimate Guide for Finding and Winning More Money for College Now and The Ultimate Guide for Finding and Winning More Money for College Now: Nursing Edition.