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Success Stories

“I was stressing over my tuition balance for my school.  I made a Facebook status looking for family support. One of my cousins introduced me to Ashley Hill. My cousin told me how Ashley has a lot of resources on paying tuition. I contacted her and followed her advice of speaking with the financial aid department. I asked the head of financial aid for some help and he rewarded me with a $500 grant. I was very relieved because it took my balance down a lot!”

Stacy C., College Sophomore

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“Wish I would’ve taken Pre-Calc last year but, I was being lazy. I wouldn’t have taken it this year if it wasn’t for Ashley!”

Ashley, High School Student

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Thank you so much for sharing this valuable, imperative and essential information!

Lisa S.

I really enjoyed listening to your show on Literacy, Ashley.  I am so proud of you for sharing your GIFTS with the world. Keep it up!

LaToniya J.

Thanks for always posting great information and resources! I share them with my students!

LaToyia S.

Need college prep tips???? Follow Prep4College she is a wealth of knowledge parents! #trustme

– Kawanda W.

After seeing your posts on your facebook I was intrigued to see what services your organization provides. Therefore, I would click on the various link you shared on your facebook on different topics, the tips you share for parents to help their child be prepared for college as well as students to get prepared was inspirational. I have a nonforprofit organization and I work with girls 9 -18 yrs on various topics mainly education and building their self-esteem, so when the opportunity presents itself I refer the young people to your organization to be educated on the services you shared to enlighted and motivated them to aspire to go to college.
It is amazing to see what you are doing to help those who want to go to college to receive information in advance about college tours, scholarships, writing essays, etc. This organization is very important for those who never thought going to college would be possible. You give them hope. Keep sharing because knowledge is power! You are making a difference of the lives of many.
– Denise C.