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How to Help Your Student Athlete to Prepare for College with Chad Dorman

How to Help Your Student Athlete Prepare for College with Chad Dorman Do you have a student athlete who is heading to college in the next few years? There is no question that preparing for college is no simple task – especially for student athletes, recruiting, eligibility rules, etc. Fortunately, we have an amazing expert […]

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Starting a Career in Public Health

Are you considering a career in the health field but aren’t interested in clinical work? Maybe you’re more interested in the preventative side of helping people becoming healthier. If so, public health could be the right field for you. You can start preparing for a career in public health as an undergraduate. Even if you’re […]

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How High Schoolers Can Prepare for College on Their Own Time

Preparing for college can be an exciting and overwhelming time. High schoolers are often very busy balancing school, work, friends, and extracurricular activities. Luckily, there are many things any student can do to feel ready for college without losing any free time. Participate in Activities Colleges like to see students who are well-rounded and unique, […]

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So You Want to Be a Lawyer? Here’s How To Get Through Law School Without Spending a Fortune

Law school can be a daunting prospect, especially for an ambitious student of limited means. While it is true the employment prospects for someone with a law degree are considerably enhanced compared to someone without a graduate education, the cost of getting from here to there can be prohibitive, even in the best of circumstances. […]

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5 Ways Teacher Evaluations Impact Class Selection

Teachers play a significant role in a child’s life throughout their development. They are the people who are responsible for educating the future leaders of society’s next generations. Teachers are appreciated for what they do, and with every great thing, there is always a spot for improvement. That’s where teacher evaluations will come in. What […]

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What Kinds of Prep Classes Do You Need Before College?

Whether students stay close to home or travel out of state, the college experience is a whole new world. Taking college prep classes before diving into the real thing is one way to enjoy increased academic success and better social adjustment. You’re probably doing all you can to feel prepared for living on your own, […]

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