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Happy 5th Birthday to Us!

On behalf of my team and I, thank you for allowing us to serve you over the last 5 years! From our content to our yearly College Success Conference, we have enjoyed sharing strategies and tools with you to help you get into the best fit college and win the scholarships to pay for it.

I want to highlight 5 accomplishments that we were blessed to achieve over the years:

1. Our live events (including College Success Conference, #CollegeChat, training sessions, and classes) have served thousands of students and their families.

2. We have extended our services to international clients and we are now serving students around the world.

3. We have been blessed to partner with organizations including Sallie Mae to bring you great resources.

4. We developed a simple 6 step system to help students of all ages and educational levels to find and win more scholarships.

5. Most importantly, our students are winning scholarship dollars with our system!

Thank you and we look forward to serving our students and their families in the years to come!

If you know students or families preparing for college who need scholarships, share these tips and strategies!

About the author

Ashley Hill is a Scholarship Search Strategist who is passionate about teaching stressed and overwhelmed corporate moms how to pay less for their college bound child’s college education so that they can help their children to get into their best-fit college with ease. She is the author of The Ultimate Guide for Finding and Winning More Money for College Now and The Ultimate Guide for Finding and Winning More Money for College Now: Nursing Edition.

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