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Scholarship Search Party

You’re Invited to the Scholarship Search Party!

Are your students and their families frustrated with how to find scholarships or wonder how they will pay for college?

The problem is that college costs are rising at alarming rates. In addition, families may not qualify for need-based financial aid to cover the costs of college. Even worse, there are so many websites with tons of information which makes it difficult to find scholarships that are a great fit for your students.

What’s the solution?

Your students need a plan of action to know exactly where to look for merit scholarships (scholarships that are based on achievements such as volunteer experience, unique qualities, and special talents). A customized plan will eliminate the frustration with looking for scholarships and give students and their families peace of mind when financing college. Your students will receive a customized plan and peace of mind with the strategies and tools to find more money for college at our next Scholarship Search Party.

What’s a Scholarship Search Party?

A Scholarship Search Party is a 2 hour event where students will receive instruction with Scholarship Search Strategist, Ashley Hill along with the strategies and tools to find more scholarships for college in less time. Ashley Hill will come to the students (school districts in Ohio, churches in Ohio, non-profit organization facilities, and virtual options are available) and provide the materials for the party.

Additionally, Ashley Hill believes in supporting the efforts of preparing students for the future, so each organization will receive 50% of the party admission price. Students will receive a jam packed and powerful training while the organization can raise funds in an easy way!

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