My Story

My story starts in 2000 when I was just 13 years old and excited about going to high school. I was fortunate that my dad was taking some college classes and invited me to attend class with him. As his professor talked, I felt like I belonged in that environment with those students. At that moment, I knew that I would go to college one day.

Ever since I discovered books, I developed a love for reading. Also, I knew at a young age that I wanted to be a psychologist to help my brothers because “they were crazy”. I knew that I was destined to help people. My love for reading would help me to accomplish that goal.

In the fall of my 8th grade year, I went to a college fair. Yes, I went to a college fair. Why? My mom took me because she wanted to expose me to different options for colleges and careers. Today, I am so glad that I went to that college fair.


I stopped by the Kent State University table at the college fair and that conversation changed my life forever. I told the representatives that I wanted to get a degree in journalism at Michigan State University. The representative asked me why I picked Michigan State University. I told him that I wanted to get away from my parents and go to a great college for journalism.

He responded with a question. “Ashley, how would you feel about being roughly 4 hours away at a great school for journalism at a great price?” I said, “I would apply for that college!” He said, “Great! Keep your grades up and we will hopefully see you at Kent State in a few years”. That conversation stayed with me. A few years later, I applied and was admitted to Kent State University.

Fast forward to my freshman year at Kent State, I decided to major in biology from a great experience in my Anatomy and Physiology class in my senior year of high school. I had a ton of scholarships and I was getting ready to finish my first semester of college. I received a notice from the financial aid office stating that I would need additional funding due to non-renewable scholarships.

I could feel myself getting stressed, but I did the best thing I could in that moment. I prayed and asked God to perform a miracle. And, I am so glad that He did just that! I called one of the financial aid managers and requested additional scholarships and grants. One week later, I received a call from the financial aid office stating that my tuition bill balance was $0. I was so thankful and I am still thankful today!

My college degrees have opened the door for so many wonderful opportunities in my life. I was able to enter Corporate America in my early 20s. I gained experiences that put me in the position of teaching others how to cut the costs of college. I will never forgot the challenge of dealing with the costs of college. There are millions of students who are forced to drop out of college due to lack of funds to pay for college. You don’t have to be one of them!

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