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College Scholarship Tips for your Student Athlete

Do you have a child playing sports who will need college scholarships to attend college? [fancy_box id=1 align=justify][content_upgrade id=2790]BONUS: Click here to discover how to find scholarships that specifically fit you![/content_upgrade][/fancy_box] I have spoken with families who are very confident that their son or daughter will be recruited by the top colleges and will receive […]

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How to Search for College Scholarships Like a Pro in Under An Hour

The truth is that your child needs to actively search for college scholarships unless your child has been offered a scholarship to cover all of the costs associated with attending college. The other truth is that there are so many sources of information, website, apps, and books promising to be the one-stop shop for scholarship opportunities. How do you help your child sift through all of the fluff?


Discover what it really takes to find more scholarships that actually apply to your child in under an hour!

Can you imagine knowing what you are looking for but have no clue of where to find it? It’s beyond frustrating because you not only want to find it, but don’t want to spend anymore time than necessary to find it. This is exactly how the scholarship searching process is for many students and their families. But, the great news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Hard to Motivate Your Child to Apply for Scholarships (and the Solution)!

With the rising costs of higher education, your child can’t afford to wait until the final years of high school to apply for college scholarships. The competition for college scholarship dollars are at stake the longer your child delays taking an active role in finding scholarships as well as creating competitive scholarship application packages.

How do you help your child to get motivated to go out there and win scholarship dollars?


Keep reading for the top 3 reasons affecting your child’s motivation to find and apply for scholarships.

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Why Most Students Fail at Trying to Search for College Scholarships

When students search for college scholarships, this task is more than just entering keywords into your favorite search engine. You need a strategy!

What’s this strategy all about and how does your child get this strategy?


Learn the Huge Problem with General Scholarship Searching (and the Solution!)

There are literally hundreds of websites, books, and apps providing scholarship opportunities as well as guidance for searching for college scholarships. In addition, there is this common idea that students can go to these websites and get one-stop shopping. In reality, general college scholarship searching is only one part of the entire scholarship search process. However, when your child doesn’t understand the scholarship search process, he or she can become frustrated very quickly with the lack of applicable scholarships or wealth of information. In addition to the frustration, your child can spend countless hours searching for scholarships with little results because of how he or she is searching for scholarships. Your child needs a personalized scholarship search strategy!

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The Number One Tip to Help You Find More College Scholarships Today

One of the major reasons that your child may find it difficult to find more college scholarships is because he or she isn’t organized in the scholarship searching process. It all begins with a scholarship profile! Once your child gets organized with the searching process, he or she will know where to go and save time!

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Watch the video below and then leave me a comment stating if your child’s scholarship profile is ready. (more…)

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How Much Will College Cost Me?

Determining how much you will pay for that coveted college diploma can seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s easier if you know where to begin.

Let’s start by examining the average sticker prices of a few main types of institutions.

Sticker Prices

The U.S. Department of Education’s 2010-2011 report of college costs will give you an idea of how much attendance will cost you. (more…)

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