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College Scholarship Tips for your Student Athlete

Do you have a child playing sports who will need college scholarships to attend college? [fancy_box id=1 align=justify][content_upgrade id=2790]BONUS: Click here to discover how to find scholarships that specifically fit you![/content_upgrade][/fancy_box] I have spoken with families who are very confident that their son or daughter will be recruited by the top colleges and will receive […]

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The First REAL Step of the College Prep Process for Your Teen

Do you know the first REAL step of the college prep process for your teen?

If you guessed research colleges or explore careers or college majors, those are parts of the college planning journey after the first step of college prep. If you want to learn the REAL first step in college planning and how this will help you to help your child get into the best-fit college, keep reading!

  Taking the right step will help your teen get into the best-fit college!

When it comes to your child’s college education, you want your child to get into the best college for him or her with access to a world of possibilities. How do I know? You are still reading this article which will teach you how to help your college-bound teen establish the right foundation for successful college admissions. The major benefit is that your teen taking the right action can lower college tuition costs which help you keep more money in your bank account. The first step in college planning is critical to your child’s success in getting into college as well as financing your child’s college education.

These 2 Simple Steps Will Help Your Teen Take the Right First Step


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7 Parenting Mistakes That Are Hurting Your College-Bound Teen

One of the top characteristics that college admissions staff are looking for in college applications is evidence of leadership skill development. Now, your teen doesn’t have to be class president or football captain, but he or she can develop his or her leadership skills within the organization in other roles such as managing projects or events.  The bigger picture for college admissions officers is to carefully select students who have a foundation of leadership skills to be further developed in college. So, your college-bound teen must include how he or she has been a leader in the college application to gain the competitive advantage in successfully getting into college. (more…)

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10 Strategies to Raise Your Teen’s ACT Scores!

Learn 10 strategies to raise ACT scores. Preparing for the ACT is equally as challenging as taking the ACT. Support your child and encourage them to use the following strategies to score higher on the ACT. 1. Don’t study for material you have already mastered! 2. Take notes during the reading section of the ACT. 3. Eliminate […]

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College Success Spotlight: LaToniya Jones

I talk a LOT about the partnership model when it comes to other players in the college prep process besides the college applicant (parents, educators, and community organizations). I believe that it is vital for parents to stay engaged with their teens throughout the entire college prep process. Parents, this means that you are educating yourself […]

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College Success Spotlight: Monica Matthews

One of the most important aspects of preparing for college is financing college. Parents, I am sure that there is no surprise for you that the costs of college tuition and related costs are rising everyday (it seems like!). The other side of that issue is that many college graduates are leaving college drowning in […]

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College Success Spotlight: Tracy Cooper

I believe that it is vital for parents to help their teens to get work, volunteer, and/or internship experience to develop the skills necessary to do well in college courses and graduate from college. Additionally, this type of experience looks great on college applications, college admission essays, and resumes! Speaking of resumes, I am so […]

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College Success Spotlight: Surviving College

College has its unique challenges including students having to get familiar with a new environment and freedoms. I remember when I was so excited to be free to do anything when I moved into my dorm in my freshman year. I learned quickly freedom comes with responsibility. No one will knock on your door with […]

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Looking Ahead to 2013: College Prep Tips for Parents

  Wow, I can’t believe that we are days away from 2013! In my last radio show of the year, I talked about key aspects of the college prep process that parents and teens must keep in mind to continue to be successful in this process next year! I gave specific action steps that families can […]

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12 Myths about the College Prep Process

In honor of 12/12/12, I compiled a list of 12 common myths about the college prep process. It is important to make sure future college students and families have accurate information to make the best decision regarding college selection and financing college. Make sure you don’t get distracted with these misconceptions! It is okay to wait […]

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Why Every Teen Must Develop Leadership Skills

College admissions staff are interested in admitting future college students who show potential of being great leaders in their chosen career field and in society. Therefore, successful college applicants must be able to demonstrate in their college application, transcripts, essay, and scores that they are leaders. Since no one is born a perfect leader, one must develop […]

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What the 2012 US Election can Teach Teens about Writing a Winning College Admission Essay

How do you plan to write a convincing college admissions essay to present your best self to the college admissions staff? While all parts of the college application process are important, the college admissions essay gives the admissions staff insight into the person behind the test scores, transcripts, extracurricular activities, etc. They get a chance to see […]

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Why Low Literacy Levels can Cost Parents Money!

Parents, did you know that low literacy levels can mean more money out of your pockets for your child’s college tuition? Learn how to avoid that situation right now! Listen to my radio show broadcast right here. Today, I covered the importance of teen literacy and how to avoid paying thousands of $$$ due to […]

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How Safe are Your Teens from Dating Violence?

One in five students reported being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner in a survey of over four thousand 9th through 12th graders. Parents, did you read that? Read it again. Yes, this is happening right now, all around the world, and under your nose (well, some of you). How so? Keep reading. […]

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College Prep Radio Updates

I have started my radio show on Blog Talk Radio for college-bound students and families also known as College Prep Radio! I get the wonderful opportunity to inform and empower parents of college-bound students to partner with their teens for a successful transition to the college environment. If you have missed any broadcasts, they are recorded and […]

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